Allergen Information
Please note that if you have food allergies or intolerances that may require specific catering adjustments, but especially those that are serious or life threatening, you must contact us at so that we can discuss your dietary needs and provide you with a safe dining experience. Alternatively, whilst you are in the outlets, please make sure you discuss your requirements with our staff or managers at the counters. We handle many allergens in our busy kitchens and the information provided here only relates to ingredients that are the most common allergens identified by the EC. We do not declare every ingredient used within a dish on this menu, and recipes may be subject to change. Therefore, even if you have chosen the item previously, please make sure that you check it each time you visit. Whilst good catering practice is in place to minimise cross-contamination, the ingredients we buy are manufactured, and our dishes are prepared, in environments where allergens are present and equipment is shared. We cannot therefore guarantee that any item on our menu is 100% allergen-free. Therefore it is imperative that you make contact with our staff and managers who are happy to help.
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Naked Southern Chicken Burger ,Chipotle Mayo